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May 5th 2017

The Temperature Matters

High Temperature

Here at Metalflex we understand the importance of taking into consideration the required operating temperature of your stainless steel hoses. Not only is the required operating temperature important, it sits right up there alongside working pressure in terms of the factors to consider when choosing the right stainless steel hoses from our Powerforce range.


So, how does the temperature your stainless steel hoses are expected to operate at effect which hose you require from our wide range of metallic hoses?


Well, any time your metallic hoses are going to be working at or below 20°C you can usually relax as all our hoses can work to their full working pressure at these temperatures. The only thing to remember in this situation is to never use carbon steel fittings in assemblies that will be working below -20°C.

The main area for temperature concern is when these hoses are working above 20°C. In this situation there is a correction factor to take into account. Quite simply, the higher the temperature your stainless steel hoses are required to operate at the lower their maximum working pressure.


So, how can you calculate the correct maximum operating temperature that these stainless steel hoses can work to, at the pressure you require?


Well, once you know what temperature your hoses are going to be doing it is a simple case of multiplying the maximum working pressure of our metallic hoses by the correct factor found in the table below.